Who are we?

We are a collective group of players who played much of Modded Minecraft from the late 1.6.4 era onwards. A lot of us including our base originated from communities like World of Keralis Modded Sector, Tronopolis Minecraft Network,  and GrandiCraft Ultra Modded Community. 

What is our goal?

Our goal is to simply host modded Minecraft servers with limited banned items and simplicity. 

What makes us different?

NorthStarrMC is comprised of a team of players who love modded Minecraft and simply want to see the modded community grow even bigger. We aren't here for the money or the fame. 

In the end we are here to play Modded Minecraft. We aren't political, we do not want to be the biggest and greatest. We would just like to share our enjoyment of Modded Minecraft. Thank you for reading about us. We hope to see you in the future on one of our servers. <3

**All donations go solely towards our upkeep and development of the NorthStarrMC community. **